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In English:

Norwegian Discourses (26. April 2019), 26th International Book festival, Budapest 2019

Discussion (in English) with the authors Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Marta Breen, Åsmund H. Eikenes and Klara Hveberg (the first video). Among the topics discussed, is how to use mathematics and music in a literary way.

In German:

Norwegen lesen: Walfang (4. October 2019), 3SAT (duration: 07:10)

German TV program presenting Norway and Norwegian authors. First episode: Roy Jacobsen, Klara Hveberg and Geir Gulliksen.

Norwegen lesen: (12. October 2019), 3SAT (duration: 28:30)

German TV program presenting Norway and Norwegian authors. With Roy Jacobsen, Geir Gulliksen, Erika Fatland, Erik Fosnes Hansen, Knut Hamsun, Klara Hveberg, Jon Fosse and Erling Kagge.

In Polish:

Warszawa Book Fair 2022 (27. May 2022) (duration: 45:45)

Author Klara Hveberg talks about her novel Lean Your Loneliness Slowly Against Mine. Moderator and translator (from Norwegian to Polish): Karolina Drozdowska.

In Norwegian:

Open Book (20. January 2019), Norwegian Radio (NRK P2): «Mathematics + literature = true» (duration: 16:24)

Cille Biermann interviews novel debutant Klara Hveberg, who in addition to being a writer, also has a PhD in mathematics.

Morning News (30. January 2019), Norwegian Radio (NRK P2) (duration: 07:05)

Less than a week after the book was launched in Norway, Klara Hveberg's debut novel Lean your loneliness slowly against mine is sold to the large German publisher BTB Random House, which also publishes Maja Lunde and Karl Ove Knausgård's books in Germany.

Ekko (20. March 2019), Norwegian Radio (NRK P2)

Is gender important in mathematics? This year, for the first time, the Abel prize is awarded to a female mathematician, Karen Uhlenbeck. Klara Hveberg talks about the first woman to become a professor of mathematics, Sofia Kovalevskaya, in a discussion with Torkild Jemterud and leader of the Abel prize committee, Hans Munthe-Kaas.

After Math (19. March 2019), The Science Library, University of Oslo

From the sofa Torkild Jemterud collects explanations and reactions on this year's winner of the Abel prize, together with mathematician Arne B. Sletsjø and leader of the Abel prize committee, Hans Munthe-Kaas. In addition there will be creative statistical analysis of previous winners from the enthusiastic statistician Kathrine Frey Frøslie, as well as a meeting with mathematics in literature and an interview with author and mathematician Klara Hveberg (second half of the program from ca 36:44)

Debutanttripp: Coping strategies (15. May 2019), House of Literature in Bergen

With Klara Hveberg, Kaja Kvernbakken and Martin Svedman. The discussion is led by Kristian Hæggernes.

Fole God Bok (7. September 2019), The Bjørnson Festival in Molde (duration: 34:58)

Klara Hveberg talks about her own writing and about books and authors that have influenced her.

Literary talk with Hveberg and Kjærstad (4. November 2020), The Literature Week in Sarpsborg (duration: 31:30)

Klara Hveberg and Jan Kjærstad talk about literature, love, the writing process and mathematics.

Bok365 (27. November 2019): Hveberg sold to American publisher

Klara Hveberg's melancholic love story Lean your loneliness slowly against mine has aroused international interest. Her debut novel will be published in the English market by the large publishing house Harper Collins' new venture Harper Via, which publishes translated works by "exceptional storytellers".

Romsdals Budstikke (29. November 2019): Novel debutant from Molde sold to American publisher

-As unique as this book is, I also see some wonderful similarities to titles such as Asymmetry and By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept. One can even draw lines to Italo Calvino, in the integral, playful and thoughtful role that mathematics has in the story, says Tara Parsons, editor at Harper Via. Parsons also says: -Through the protagonist Rakel's voice, the author achieves something rather remarkable - she made me see the world differently.

Bok365 (27. January 2020): Hveberg to the Berlinale

Klara Hveberg's debut novel is one of twelve books chosen to be presented under Books at Berlinale. At the end of February twelve "outstanding literary works", which are particularly suited for film adaption, will be presented under Books at Berlinale. Among these is Klara Hveberg's debut novel Lean your loneliness slowly against mine (Aschehoug).

Romsdals Budstikke (29. January 2020): Author from Molde chosen for film festival in Berlin

Klara Hveberg's Lean your loneliness slowly against mine may be adapted to film. The novel will be presented to film producers under the Berlinale Film Festival in February – as one of 12 among 170 applicants. This year books from Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden and Turkey were chosen among the 170 submitted books. Hveberg is the only Norwegian participant.

Dag og Tid (11. January 2019): In mathematics and love (paywall)

Romsdals Budstikke (17. January 2019) (paywall)

Dagbladet Magasinet (9. March 2019) (paywall)

Leffes Lab (14. January 2019)

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